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Case Study

Relationships Drive Results


The Situation

A pump failure occurred in a raw materials sewer process, and lead time for a replacement pump was 22 weeks. This situation would have resulted in a delay in deliveries to their customer for byproduct until the pump was working, costing our customer $10,000 per week!


Our Solution

PGE located a pump rental that would work for the application, and delivered it to the site in only two weeks. To make the rental work, we had a special transition piece fabricated to connect to the existing slide elbow.

We not only helped locate a temporary rental solution, but we also minimized down time. When our customer began the process of creating a bid event, which is typically 14 days, we leveraged our long time relationship to bypass the bid event, saving a full two weeks.

Next, PGE proceeded to win the bid for two replacement pumps, coming in at almost $17,000 less expensive per new pump than the next best bidder.


The Result

A documented & customer-verified cost savings of $33,410 on new pumps. In addition, our rental solution before the replacement helped our customer save weekly losses of $10,000.



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