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Case Study

Engineering Systems & Savings


The Situation

Our customer contacted PGE to quote a pump for a new application: to pump a chemical through a heat exchanger and return it to the tank to maintain a certain temperature, maximizing the chemical’s shelf life and preventing it from gelling up.


Our Solution

PGE proposed to design and build a turnkey modular skid system for the application. We also recommended that our customer source one spare pump to share as a common spare across the category, saving them the cost of four individual spare pumps. The project was then expanded to include four other paper manufacturing facilities.


The Result

The justifiable savings total for this project due to PGE intervention was $137,200. In addition, our expertise provided $34,500 in cost avoidance savings for recommending they stock one spare pump to share as a common spare across the category versus four separate pumps. Altogether, this project resulted in a documented & verified cost savings of $171,700.



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